Meet the staff!

The Keckler Family
The Kecklers

OCP Family

Gregg and Louise Keckler are the owners of Orchard Country Produce.  Louise manages the paperwork while Gregg takes care of the fields and animals.  Additionally, Gregg is the master beekeeper and collects the honey as well as raises pigs and turkeys.  He also makes jams and jellies and the famous Homer's Dog Biscuits in his spare time.

Sarah Keckler (not shown) goes to markets and in general helps keep the storage areas clean and helps out with CSA communications and the website.

Virginia Keckler helps out in the fields with weeding and picking produce.  She also assists with the CSAs and puts together the extra orders.  

Oliver Keckler helps work with and supervise our summer help as well as raising the chickens.  He is also in charge of the equipment on the farm, which is probably why nothing works...