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Bundle of Asparagus-20 calories for 5 spears

-Very high folic acid, a B vitamin derivative necessary for blood cell reproduction

Asparagus is a bulb that is planted and only picked after three years of maturity.  The older the plant the thicker the spears are.  Asparagus can be harvested for about 15 years before replanting.  The biggest problem with asparagus is the weeds.  We usually allow them to come up through the weeds for about one month then we mow everything off and begin picking again until the weather gets to hot (usually about the middle of June).  Then we let the asparagus go to seed and after October we burn off the weeds and tops.

  • Eat raw or in cold salad
  • Lightly steam until asparagus is a bright green color.  Add seasonings if desired
  • Excellent grilled – baste with olive oil or butter, cook until a fork will go through the spear. 

You do not need to peel asparagus – the head is delicious grilled and just slightly charred. 

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