Health and Safety during pandemic

We want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe at any of our farm stands and market during this crisis in our country. Here are a few guidelines and helps for all our customers and also pledges from us.

For Customers:

Do not shop if you are sick.

Choose with your eyes. Resist the urge to sort through any fresh produce. Touch only what you plan to purchase including baked goods and jar items.

Maintain a safe distance – 6 feet recommended

Wash your hands before you come. Cover coughs or sneezes in your elbow.

Limit your party to one person attending the market. If you must bring children, have them clasp their hands together to avoid touching.

Wash your reusable bags before the market. Never sit your reusable bag on a market table.

Refrain from touching or using your cell phone while shopping at the market.  

For Farmer:

Display signage on how to shop safely.

Use gloves and face mask if possible.

Use disinfectant on tables.

Space items and tables to give customers distance.

Regulate customers within tent space to 2-3 customers per 10 foot tent.

Form lines with proper distancing between customers.

No pets under tents or near tables.

Have items in bags or containers. Customers should not touch items.

Display clear prices for customers.

No samples.  


Customers can place orders:     

   before Wednesday for Thursday delivery

   before Friday for Saturday delivery   

   before Monday for Tuesday delivery

by emailing or calling 717-486-4653 and leaving a message.

Orders will be prepared and pre-bagged and waiting for customer at the market.

Cash, checks or credit cards will be accepted at the market.


Now might be the time to consider a CSA box of pre-boxed vegetables and fruit each week for either 12 weeks or 24 weeks beginning in June. Check out the CSA information on our website:  www.orchardcountryproduce

  Who handles your food?

At Orchard Country Produce that’s a short list!

We grow it, harvest it, wash it, and package it!

Gregg and Louise Keckler

Oliver and Lizzie Keckler

It’s Fresh and Safe!