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Week 5 Summer session

Posted 8/15/2016 10:20am by Gregg Keckler.
What's in the box?
Week 5
Summer, 2016
half and full shares
mystery vegetable
green beans
sweet corn
cherry tomatoes
large tomatoes
 Zestar apples
Personal shares
cherry tomatoes
large tomatoes
sweet corn
Zestar apples
We have tomatoes - Lots of them right now!  If you wanted to get some great heirloom tomatoes or you want to make salsa, or sauce, or canning tomatoes, check out the second tomatoes in our store.  If you want anything special with tomatoes, send an email and we can probably do it for you!
I have updated the store with many new items, hot peppers, beans, eggplant, watermelon and others.  Check it out!
The Zestar apples are the fore-runner to Honey Crisp apples which should be here in a couple weeks.  These are great eating apples and will remind you that fall is on the way.
If you are not signed up for the fall session, now is the time to consider it. 
We are planting broccoli and cauliflower this week for harvest in October.  We have a great apple year and will have cider by the beginning of October. The red tomatoes should be here until the end of September and the Roma tomatoes even longer if there is no killing frost.  The Bartlett pears are harvested beginning at the end of next week.  We are looking for a great fall session.  Of course there will be great sweet potatoes and winter squash. 
You can check your status by going to the website and updating your membership for the fall.  If you have trouble just send me an email and I can help you with it. 
Have a great week!  I know many of you are on vacation or going on vacation for the end of the summer.  Enjoy and relax.  Notice the wonderful weather.  The clouds lately have been beautiful!
The store is open!  We have new items added to the store each week.  You can add these to your share at any time.   You can pay for these as you go with a credit card or you can choose to wait until the end of the session and get a 4% discount by sending a check.
If you have any questions, please let us know. 
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