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Farm News - June - July

Posted 7/25/2018 8:21am by Gregg Keckler.

Farm News from Orchard Country Produce

Wow!  What a lot of Rain!


On The Farm

I sure it is a good thing, but right now we aren't seeing that. 

Well - No complaining.  Here what is happening on the farm.

We are picking lots of zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers.
We just began picking great sweet corn.

We are still seeding in the greenhouse for fall crops of lettuce, kohlrabi, and spinach.  We bought the plants for broccoli, cauliflower, and fall cabbage, but we can't get them in the ground right now.  We decided to plant golden beets by hand because we cannot get the tractors into the fields.

All the sweet onions and red and Yukon gold potatoes have been dug up.  We also got all the garlic out as well. Unfortunately, the garlic is not as big as in previous years -probably the colder, wetter weather.  So we will probably not save any of these bulbs for next years planting, but we will buy  new stock for October's planting of garlic.

We are picking peaches and plums.  They are very nice this year.  Last year we hardly had any plums or apricots, but this year there are a lot.

We were blessed with a lot of piglets born earlier this spring.  Now we have a lot of pork and more coming throughout the fall.  So keep us in mind if you are looking for great sausage or kielbasa or other pork products.

Our chickens are laying well and the last batch of broilers are about ready to butcher.  We also butchered ducks in June.  If you would like to try something different - try roasted duck!


Markets and CSA

The markets have all been doing very well considering the weather.  We have a solid base of loyal customers who come no matter what the weather. - thanks to all of you!

It is hard to believe that in four weeks the first session of the CSA will end.  Mostly all the folks in the CSA are signed up for the whole year. If you haven't sign up for a CSA and like to get surprises - give it a try!  Check the website for costs and details about pickups.

Interesting things

I have been studying the Farmer's Almanac this summer.  I am amazed at the ability to prognosticate the weather based on the moon's phases and the wind direction.  I can't believe how accurate my calculations have been.  Gregg keeps checking me on weather.com and I am more right about the weather then they are!  I am really believing that there is something to this.  There are an awful lot of factors involving the planets, moon, wind direction, and astronomical things that I never considered.  I am finding it very fascinating.  If you have some Free Time (Ha! Ha!) get a Farmer's Almanac and begin studying.  It will surely show you that everything in the universe is clearly connected and you will also be able to astound your relatives and friends with your accurate weather assessments, when the weather stations fail.


I saw an Indigo Bunting the other day!  What a treat!  I had never seen one here before.  It was such a dark electric blue color - so stunning!




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