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Farm News and CSA for 2020

Posted 2/3/2020 12:39pm by Gregg Keckler.

Farm News

We have the second high tunnel up and running. Well, almost, there is no electric yet, but who needs electric when we are having such beautiful weather! 

We have been planting radishes and lettuce in the new tunnel.  We are still harvesting chard, kale, lettuce, bok choi and spinach for the other tunnel.

We are getting a lot of eggs from the layers and we just sent several hogs to the butcher.  We also are stocked with whole chickens, as well.  We have 100 more that are almost ready to be butchered.

We are making a lot of jams and butter to restock the shelves for 2020 markets.

We have begun to plant lettuce in the greenhouse in plugs for field planting in March.

We are pruning fruit trees. The raspberries, grapes and blackberries are almost all pruned for this year.  We are planning to plant new blueberries this spring.




St Luke's Episcopal Church- Alexandria, VA - YEAR ROUND 8-1 pm

Fairfax Community Market - Fairfax, VA - Beginning in May  8-1pm



National Geographic Society - 16th St, DC NW - Beginning in March  7:30 - 2 pm


St Luke's Episcopal Church - Alexandria, VA - Beginning in June  2- 7pm



East Columbia Library - Columbia, MD -Beginning in May 12 noon - 6 pm


Belle View Condos - Alexandria, VA - Beginning in May 2 -7pm



Thanks to those who have signed up for the CSA for 2020.  There is only one month left for the discounted prices so sign up now!  We intend to keep everything the same as last year.  You can sign up by sending us a check for the whole season 

24 weeks for $638 

12 weeks for $324 - Specify whether you want:

June 2-August 22 or August 25 - November 14

Check out the website for more details and egg shares.


We had a very good year last year with lots of strawberries and peaches.  We have a lot of nectarine trees that should be in full production in 2020 so that will add another big fruit item to the list.  We are planning to extend our watermelon and sugar cube season further into September as well.

We had a good year for most vegetables until the fall.  We had not planned for the low rain season in August and September so we had no drip tape on the fall broccoli and cauliflowers and beets.  So they were not up to our best standards, but we had great Brussels sprout which lasted through January  and quite a bit of carrots which we are still selling. 

Does anyone remember the Green Beans!  Wow! Did we have a lot of green beans.  We began picking them in early July and we still had good beans coming in early October.

We are planning for even great successes this year !

We enjoy growing and planning continuous crops and as much as we enjoy eating them!  We hope that you will join us!


Oliver and Elisabeth Keckler - Isabelle and Remington, too

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