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Farm News

Posted 1/29/2019 10:59am by Gregg Keckler.

What's happening on the farm

We are working on our usual winter projects - repairs to buildings, tractors, trucks, land improvement and others

   We are doing serious work right now on the rental property house.  We had neglected it for several years and now we are paying for it.  Literally!

We have torn down a couple  unused, unnecessary buildings that were falling down and are in the process of clearing the debris away.  We are planning a new patch of asparagus for 2020.  So the land is being prepared now. - Well- not RIGHT since the ground is frozen, but it is being worked on.

Of course the tractors always need repairs in the winter.  The Case has new tires.  The Allis is still under repairs for new brakes, the Kubota and Mahindra are both working well.  We purchased a small manure spreader so that we could build compost areas near the fields.  We have built two 30 feet by 12 foot compost areas and we are building up the enclosures with mulch hay, manure, soil and brown manures.  We will probably be working on a third one as well.  We are trying to create our own compost  for the fields and also get the most good out of the hog and chicken manure.

Winter markets

We are still going to two winter markets- St Luke's Episcopal Church in Alexandria, VA on Saturdays and National Geographic in DC on Tuesdays.  We are growing fresh lettuce, spinach, kale and Swiss chard in the high tunnel this year for these market. 

We still have lots of sweet potatoes, onions, cabbage, apples, red beets and potatoes and winter squash from storage.  We also have horseradish, honey, jams and apple cider and eggs.


We are looking forward to the CSA again this year.  Thanks to those who have signed up and paid up for 2019.  Last year was a challenging year.  The fall was the most difficult time we have ever experienced in farming.  There was nothing to sell ( because of rot or washed out crops) and the market days were soggy affairs and even snowy days in November.  October and November were the slowest sales we have ever experienced during that season. 

So with all that negative history.  We are anticipating a better year in 2019.  We are beginning to seed lettuces, snow peas, spinach, and bok choi in February  for the early spring markets.

We hope that you will join us for another year of the CSA.  We are keeping everything the same.  All costs are listed on the website.

We have a special price for folks who sign up and pay up through February 28.

$638 for a full 24 week season of fruits and vegetables. 

$324 for a 12 week season of fruits and vegetables.

Check the website www.orchardcountryrproduce  for all the particulars.

Farm Sales at the FARM

We are doing farm sales at the farm through 2019.  Right now we are selling sweet potatoes, apples, and other winter items from storage at the farm.  This spring we will be, Lord willing, having pick-your-own-strawberries at the farm.   We will be letting you know as we get closer.

Market locations for 2019

We will be attending the following markets in 2019.

Tuesdays - DOT Farm Stand DC SE

                 National Geographic Farm Stand - DC NW

Thursdays, - East Columbia Library, Columbia, MD

                    Belle View Condos, Alexandria, VA

Saturdays - Fairfax Community Market - Fairfax, VA

                   St Luke's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA

                   Twirley Top Farm Stand - Gardners, PA  (This is an ice cream and burger place owned by Sarah Keckler Reynolds located 1 mile from the farm.)


If you would like to come up and visit us anytime, please give us a call or an email.  We would love to have you come.  If you have a questions about the farm, the markets and CSA, please contact us.

We wish you a good month!



Oliver and Elisabeth Keckler and Isabelle, too

877 Myerstown Rd, Gardners, PA 17324

Gregg and Louise Keckler

1410 Goodyear Rd, Gardners, PA 17324