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Cabbage recipe

Posted 9/12/2011 2:44pm by Gregg Keckler.
One of our favorite ways to eat cabbage is in the homey English dish known as "bubble & squeak" - it is supposedly named this because of the sound it makes when the cabbage & potatoes are cooking (though I have yet to hear this sound). Though, if they don't like cooked cabbage at all, they may not like this. But you can vary it in a few ways to try! 
Chop the cabbage and boil it until tender
Peel & boil 4 or so potatoes until tender, or use leftover mashed potatoes or other cooked potatoes
Mash the potatoes (if not already mashed)
Mix the cabbage & mashed potatoes together. Add salt & pepper to taste (we like ours peppery). Can also add grated cheese, bits of chopped bacon or ham, and any other leftover chopped, cooked veggies
Form the cabbage-potato mixture into hamburger shapes (these are going to be a bit like potato pancakes)
Pan fry in a hot skillet coated with a few tablespoons of oil or butter until browned and a little crisp on one side; flip, and brown on the other side.
Some people just put the cabbage, potatoes, other additions and seasonings into one big hot skillet and make the whole thing into a big pancake or hash, with plenty of crisp, browned bits of potato.