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CSA Week 3

Posted 8/8/2011 9:03am by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Folks,
    This week's shares will include: cantaloupe, peppers, tomatoes, plums, jam,. sweet corn, and a mystery item.

We like giving the mystery item because it really helps us give different things to each group.  This helps when we have just a few of some things.  The peppers this week could be bell peppers or sweet banana peppers, but no hot peppers, yet.  Use the tomatoes in everything.  I made a very good tomato, onion, cucumber, and pepper salad using red wine vinegar, sugar, dill and oregano.  These kinds of dishes don't require a lot of any one vegetable. 
  The jam is made from our own fruit.  Enjoy some of the mixed varieties that Gregg made this year.
  Our corn is a very good sweet corn.  We pay a neighbor to grow the corn for us.  We buy the seeds and he plants and maintains it for us.  We have Incredible (a yellow variety), Mira (a bi-color variety), and Argent (a white corn)  We love these variety.  The are great sweet corn and will keep their sweetness for several days.
Have a great week of good food.

Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce

Extras list

parsley - $2.00/bunch
red heart plums - $3.50/pint
large bell peppers - 2 for $1.50
cherry tomatoes - $4.00/pint
peaches - $4.00/quart
1/2 bushel of tomatoes for canning - $15.00


 $4.50/lb                                                              $6.99/lb                                                        $3.50/lb
Lean Ground Beef (1 lb pack)                                 Round Steak                                                 Beef liver (1 lb pk)

$11.99/lb                                                              $13.99/lb                                                      $15.99/lb
New York Strip (2 steaks/pk)                                 Flat Iron (2 steaks/pk)                            Filet Mignon (2 st/pk)
Sirloin Steak                                                          Delmonico (2 steaks/pk)  

7 inch sausage links $5.99/lb (4 per pack)
Pork chops $5.99/lb (2 per pack)
Smoked pork bologna $8.00/lb or $4.00/half lb


$9.99/lb                                                              $11.99/lb                                                       $14.99/lb
Farmers                                                               Smoked Cheddar                                           mild Goat Gouda
Cheddar                                                               Smoked Jalapeño
Baby Swiss                                                          Sharp
colby jack

about 3 lb whole chickens    $5.99 /lb
chicken broth and stock     $4.00/quart

JAMS                                                                    EGGS                                                              BUTTER
$4.50/half pint jar                                                 $4.00/doz                                                     $3.50/half pound
Red Heart Plum
Black Cherry                                                          HONEY
Grape                                                                      $5.00/half pint jar
Orange Marmalade
Pink Lady and Pomegranate